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Recycling to Land

Recycling to Land

We recycle a variety of liquid waste to agricultural land and this has proven to be an excellent alternative to bagged fertilisers as it is rich in nutrients, including nitrogen, potash and phosphate. We work alongside clients of recyclable liquid waste and digestate outlets to supply bio- fertilisers for our agricultural clients, including PAS110 anaerobic digestate liquid. Recycling to land is cost-effective and environmentally beneficial to farmers, This form of recycling not only helps support the local farming community but also helps to reduce carbon footprint. Recyclable liquid to land is usually delivered in a maximum 44 tonne lorry and tanker combination.

Products we can supply to recycle to land include:

  • Effluent water
  • Liquid from food manufacturing process
  • Water treatment sludges
  • DAF sludge
  • Distillery effluent
  • AD digestate

Our service includes transportation and the latest range of on farm high spec spreading equipment. We offer trailing shoe applicators, umbilical trailing shoe hose, trailed shallow disc injectors and dribble bar applicators that are operated by our in-house trained competent operators. Accurate spreading is assured by using the latest “My John Deere” technology.
A full compliance service is provided to ensure that all legislation is adhered to.

FACTS qualified staff will look after all aspects of legislation required by “Natural Resources Wales” and “Code of Good Agricultural Practice” regulations.
This will include a farm visit to assess and carry out field risk assessments, soil sampling and a written agricultural benefit statement to match the requirement of the crop. Our FACTS advisor will collate the information and provide a full explanation of the benefits to the farmer.

All relevant documentation will be submitted and approved by NRW prior to any spreading in order to ensure that all legislative and “cross-compliance” guidelines are adhered to.

We can manage all types of liquid and solid wastes to achieve a benefit to both the producer of organic based waste and farmer/land managers.

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