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Products for Sale from Stepside Agri to West Wales areas

Both are available either by the trailer load or by tone.

Compost and Lime Cake.

Giving farmers a cost effective alternative to conventional fertilisers.
Bio-Fertilisers are produced here in the UK and are available to purchase in select areas to replace costly compound fertilisers. They are proven source of key nutrients and organic matter beneficial for both soil and crops.

  • Bio-Fertliser is produced by passing food waste through the digestion process at a specialist treatment facility where it is converted into:
  • A nutrient liquid (Bio-fertiliser)

The Bio-Fertiliser is especially rich in available Nitrogen (N) and Potash (k20), but importantly also provides sulphus, magnesium, phosphate and trace elements not normally found in manufactured fertilisers wich are essential for plant growth.

Key Benefits

  • Provides major plant nutrients Nitrogen (N) & Potash (k20) plus sulpur, magnesium and phosphate.
  • Rich source of immediatley available NContains beneficial trace elements not present in compount fertilisers
  • Replenishes organic matter to soil.
  • Improves soil structure and workability
  • Increases soil moisture retention
  • Prolongs life within the soil (biomass)
  • Aids soil carbon capture
  • Approved for use on organic crops

By choosing Bio-Fertiliser you will significantly reduce your dependency on compound fertilisers and realise major cosst savings.