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Stepside Agricultural contractors offer many arable farming services such as ploughing, drilling, fertiliser spreading, spraying, stubble cultivation and rape seeding. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Our modern agricultural machinery and equipment allows us to be efficient and accurate in cultivation of arable land.

Ploughing services availalble in Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenhsire areas

Alstrong Aerator 840

Stepside Agri continues to invest in the highest quality agricultural machinery needed for its clients in the Cardigan areas of West Wales

For a soil to be productive it needs to have a good balance of the basic soil elements- minerals, air, water and organic matter. Soil compaction does not allow this balance to exist.

The three main causes of soil compaction are:
Equipment traffic
Livestock traffic

Aeration can release the equivalent of 50KGS of Nitrogen per Hectare.
Surface drainage is greatly improved with faster absorption of slurry and Winter rainfall.
Increases earthworm activity in the soil.
Increased tolerance to drought.
Unlock iron in the soil and help wash it out.
Nutrients get to the roots faster.
Reduced expenditure on NPK.


Grass Seeding agricultural services